Ceausescu Residence

Immerse yourself in our Communist past

The former residence of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu can now be visited on a guided tour. Built in the 1960s and known by the codename P50 during the communist period, served as a home for the Ceausescus for almost two decades. While the building - which came with its own cinema and swimming pool - is elegant from the outside, the interior is decorated throughout in a ghastly style. 

Fitting of a head of state of the former Soviet bloc, the palace stands out both in magnitude and in its luxurious interior garnished with beautiful design elements (furniture, carpets, mirrors, porcelain) manufactured in famous shops from the country and from abroad.

We would like our visitors to see how Ceaușescu lived, not only as an internationally renowned head of state, but as a man in his own private life - the hobbies that he had, what his routine around the privacy of his home was, how he studied or what art collections he had in his house.