Real oasis of green and fresh air

Situated in the Teleajen Valley, it is surrounded by Ciucaş Mountain and Zăganu Mountain, Cheia is a mountain resort, accessible in all seasons.

The resort is characterized by relatively lowered atmospheric pressure, fresh air free of dust and allergens, rich in ultraviolet, atmospheric ionization substantial. It is a great place for rest and recreation for persons suffering from nervous fatigue, physical and intellectual strain, benign hyperthyroidism, rickets, juvenile growth disorders, anemia, etc. secondary.

Altitude of 871 m, fir and beech forests on the heights around the resort provides a key ozone-rich air, which has a specific air mountainous.

Here you can practice the various forms of tourism: trekking, mountaineering, winter sports, excursions in the surroundings. It is one of the points of departure for trips Ciucas Mountain.