Discover authentic Romania

Moeciu is Romanias best kep secret. An area of extreme natural beauty and medieval living methods, it is lined with villas, hotels & restaraunts. 

If you want to spend a relaxing vacation, Moeciu is the right place to go Moeciu resort is known for its natural factors bioclimate tonic, stimulating, fresh air, dust and alergeni.  Moeciu is situated in a picturesque geographical set apart with an exceptional landscape perspective, the areas bordering with a strong historical meaning, ideal starting point for small trips in the numerous sights of interest. 

In the last years the rural tourism has developed a lot in the area, a favourable factor being the small distance from the Bran Castle. 
As a paradox or an irony of the fate, the villages of Moieciu, as all the villages of Bran area blossomed in the communist period because here the co-operativising of agriculture couldn’t be done, although the past regime tried a certain form by joining, but that failed.