Prahova Valley

This grandiose landscape that runs a chain of picturesque resorts with its friendly and relaxing atmosphere, the great mountain scenery and the modern leisure places, captivate any tourist. 

Facts & Figures

Prahova Valley (Romanian: Valea Prahovei) is a tourist region, situated about 100 km north of the capital city of Bucharest. Historically, the corridor was the most important passage way between the principalities of Wallachia and Transylvania.
Prahova Valley is considering making a bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games

Tourist treasures:

-Hiking trails 

Routes starting from Sinaia:

Route 1: Sinaia – Cabana Pestera: Sinaia – Cabana Pestera = (7-8 h).
Route 2: Sinaia – Cota 1400 - C. Valea cu brazi - Vf. Cu Dor: Sinaia – Cota 1400 m – Cabana Valea cu Brazi (1500 m) –Vf. Cu Dor = (3-5 h)
Route 3: Sinaia – Vf. Omu: Sinaia – Vf. Omu (2505 m) = (5-6 h).

Routes starting from Busteni:

Route 1: Busteni (885 m)- Cascada Urlatoare (1055 m) = (1 h 15 min)
Route 2: Busteni - Poiana Costilei (1360 m)-Poiana Rosu (1400 m)-Cabana Poaiana Izvoarelor (1455 m)- Cabana Gura Diham (987 m)- Busteni Pichetul (5-6 h)
Route 3: Busteni - Cantonul Jepi - C. Piatra Arsa: Busteni (885 m)-Cantonul Jepi (1960 m)-Cabana Piatra Arsa (1950 m) = (4-4½ h)

Routes starting from Predeal

Route 1: Predeal - C. Trei Brazi - P. Secuilor:  = (1 h 20 min)
Route 2: Predeal-Cabana Paraul Rece- Cabana Cerbului = (1 h 40 min)
Route 3: Predeal-Cabana Diham-Cabana Malaesti-Vf. Omu = (7-8 h)


All resorts from the Prahova Valley have their ski slopes with the most modern facilities for tourists. Explore places for more details

Time to spend

Minimum 3 days.
With its mountain routes and very beautiful resorts, Prahova Valley is a wonderful place that invites you to discover more and more. With its charming picturesque nets attracts tourists and makes them promise: "I will come back here."


Prahova Valley has an area of 4,716 km2 (2% of the country). Population is about 1 million inhabitants, the density is almost double the national average, the area with the largest population in the country.


Omu Peak is at an altitude of 2505m, the highest altitude in the Carpathian Mountains, and the highest point being permanently living in Romania.


This attraction area can be visited anytime during the year, but the best period is during the warm season from May til September.
Temperate continental with hot summers and cold winters. The difference of over 2500 m between the highest point in Prahova Omu, and the lowest point of the plain, makes climate differ from region to region .