The Carpathian's Pearl

Predeal is mountain resort town on Prahova Valley, it is the highest town in Romania, with an altitude between 1033m-1110m (3,281 ft).

Surrounded by five massifs: Postăvarul, Piatra Mare, Bucegi, Baiului and Fiţifoi, its name derived from the Romanian archaic form "pre deal", means "on the hill" or from the Slavic word "predel", which means "bound", "limit". In the late years the town has known a remarkable boom in construction, with many well-off people from all over the country, having a mountain retreat in Predeal.   

Predeal is very easy to reach, from Brasov or Bucharest. Ski on one of the five ski slopes in Predeal. You can go to clubs like "The Office" and "Rozmarin" or shop at one of the shops in Predeal.