About us

Life is about knowing, about discovering, about taking moments and making the best of this great journey.

With every holiday, you take a chance to step aside from life for a while, to rest, to enjoy, to create moments that will become memories.

About Enjoy Romania
About Enjoy Romania

With every trip you build your own story because life is about all the little journeys that shape your path. And when you travel is like creating a good story.

A good narration should make you smile, more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving, it will literally make your heart bigger.

Each new place will lead you to a new story that becomes yours, like a picture on a wall, you inhabit it, becomes so familiar as the house you live in.

The greatest stories are the ones you have heard and you want to hear again. Because in the end, we're all stories and it is about the journeys that create the story.

We say that “Every trip creates a story”, because each region in Romania is different and has different things to offer and every room tells a story and creates unique memorable experiences. One can visit these places again and again, each time in a different way.

About Enjoy Romania
About Enjoy Romania

There are also so many things to do and see. Romania is cool, beautiful, authentic, easy to travel, cheap, ready for tourism, not crowded yet and almost everyone speaks English.

What separates enjoyromania.net from other sites, is that we take our motto to heart. By balancing authentic experience with comfort, we guarantee the stress-free travel adventure that connects you to the people and takes you straight to the heart of the local way of life.

Group or solo, budget or luxury, adventure or leisure, to discover something new or to move on —you can rest assured that you won’t be left on your own in a new and unknown paradise. We know everyone has their own unique travel style and that’s why we work with you to craft a personalized itinerary tailor-made to suit all your needs and desires.

We take care of it all- from start to finish- allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy discovering Romania. Let us escort you on a stress-free travel adventure of a lifetime.

About Enjoy Romania
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Choose Enjoy Romania as your travel companion and you can look forward to the ultimate adventure in Romania. As a specialised travel agency based in Bucharest, we know this amazing region inside out. Basically we will assist you in planning your trip and provide all the travel related services that you might need.

We do tours that are covering the most interesting and most popular parts of Romania. We have a professional team with extensive experience and dynamic individuals who are knowledgeable about more or less everything is needed to make your stay in Romania a memorable experience .

We focus our work on the planning and implementation of independent, customized, tasteful travel experiences, being prepared for a great range of potential tourists: visitors with special demands, supporters of sport teams, business people, student groups, intellectually and sophisticated travelers, who are all eager to invest in extraordinary lifetime experiences.

We are delighted to please and satisfy the travelers that require and demand the ultimate in quality, are accustomed to elegant and precise service while desiring to travel at their leisure, in comfort and safety.

We do this project thanks to all of you who have appreciated our work, to those that declared happy with our job, but also because this land of old and new has a gravitational pull to all who visit.
Don’t be surprised if you book your next visit to Romania while you are still in Romania.