Frequently Asked Questions

About Enjoy Romania

  • How exactly we do it?

    We will basically pick you up from airport with our car, van or coach if necessary, and we will be your hosts throughout your all stay, your travel companions. Of course you have the freedom to decide when you want to ride alone or have an unaccompanied lunch, but we arrange everything and we stay available in any circumstance giving you information, guidance and our company.

    When you make the trip via Trip Planner you have the option to choose whether or not to have our guide with you, but for all other tours there is a permanent guide.

  • How do I make the booking?

    We provide bookings only online. You can also by a tour with us from one of our partners. Make sure the agency you are buying from is an official partner of Enjoy Romania.

  • Languages - What languages are available for the tours?

    The majority of the tours are available in English. If another language is requested, please let us know when you fill the form and mention what language is needed. An additional cost may be charged. We can offer tours in Italian, Spanish, Danish, Hebrew, but also other languages, on request.

  • Price quotes - I would like a quote for a tour using the Trip Planner. What should I do?

    You can receive a quote for any tour you like. Simply follow the instructions on Trip Planner and you will receive an approximate quote immediately. If you find it attractive, click to send us the request and in maximum 48 hours you will receive the final itinerary and price. If it is acceptable, please proceed online to book the tour. If you have special needs, please include that at other observations. Our rates include: transport from and to the airport, accommodation, breakfast and dinner every day, full service travel assistance, permanent attractions guide.

  • Date unknown - I don’t know what date I’m traveling yet, can I book a tour and leave it open dated?

    You cannot leave a reservation open-dated, but you may make a reservation for a future date, and then contact us well in advance to change the date. You can do this only if you choose any of our Getaway Tours or Vantage Tours (select price). For more information please visit Services.

  • No show - What happens if I cancel or do not show up?

    If you do not show up for your tour, please contact Customer Service. There is no refund for no shows. You may be able to claim reimbursement if you have purchased Travel Insurance, depending upon your circumstances. 

  • Brochures - Can I subscribe for a newsletter?

    You can subscribe to receive our newsletter which will be avalaible few times a year.

    Otherwise, you should find all the information you need about your desired tour on our website. If there are other details you would like to know that are not specified anywhere on these pages, please contact our Customer Service.

  • Weather problems - What happens if it rains, is the tour canceled?

    Unless the weather directly affects the safety of the travel service you have booked, all travel services will operate as scheduled. Weather does not usually cause a tour/activity to be canceled. In the case when we are forced to cancel a tour, the tour can be rescheduled or we will process the refund of the entire amount.

    In this case we will kindly ask you to give us some information: full name under which the reservation was made, your e-mail address, bank account where we transfer the money, the date of your tour, a telephone number where you can be reached if necessary.

  • Wheelchairs - Can you accommodate passengers in wheelchairs?

    Wheelchair facilities are available for some services. However, passengers in a wheelchair can be accommodated on tours only if they can get on and off the tour vehicle on their own. Our stuff is not permitted to assist handicapped persons due to insurance restrictions. Please specify in the "Comments" box on the Order Form if anyone is handicapped and the nature of the handicap. We will make special arrangements where possible and will advise if there are any issues.

  • Booking options - Is it better to book online or by phone?

    We encourage online ordering as it is easy and less expensive for you. Online orders are accepted 24 hours a day. However, if you are more comfortable on the phone, you can request a call from us, please leave a message and one of our representatives will call you on the day and at the time you decide.

  • Booking online - How do I make a reservation?

    Booking online is easy. Once you identify a tour that you’d like to reserve, please fill in the information required on the order form, information for payment and then click the "Submit Order" button. Once your order has been placed, you will immediately receive an e-mail that includes the invoice and itinerary for your trip. 

    In the promotional campaigns, when no security deposit and no credit card are required, just fill in the form of your chosen tour and wait for our confirmation, by mail or by phone

  • Do children receive discounted rates?

    The policy regarding child reductions varies from a tour to another. Where these discounts apply, they are passed on to you. When you fill in the form, please mention the number and age of the children at “Other observations” but that must be done prior to payment.

    Child supplements will not be available if the child age is not specified at the time of booking and we will charge for three adults or four (depending on the number you give us) if this information is not supplied.

    Children under 6 years of age stay for free in their parent's room using the existing bedding. You can also send us an extra family request at:

  • If I have already chosen Early Booking and I changed my mind for Select Price, it is possible to make change?

    Yes, it is possible, you just have to let us know by mail and the difference will be paid on arrival. Unfortunately, it is not possible to switch from Select Price to Early Booking

About Romania

  • Why Romania?

    Enjoy Romania will propose you to visit a particular land and too little known for many.  Romania is a country that captures every moment because of its unique beauty.

    The variety of its tourist offer is so wide that it will surely satisfy all visitors: from the beaches of the Black Sea to the unique ecosystems of the Carpathians, or from the historical cities to the relaxing guesthouses in timeless places, like Romanian villages.

    With a complex terrain of diverse landscape, Romania is often called “The land of choice”.

    Should your interests lie in nature, the beautiful Carpathians Plateau (the chain of mountains in Romania that surround Transylvania in a large semicircle, sweeping towards the south-east, and end on the Danube near Orșova) with its rivers, springs, valleys, highlands and rich forests, clearly evidence the miracles of nature.

  • Is Romania safe?

    Some people make Romania sound like a rather scary place  to travel to, with references to "Europe's wild East”. Romanians themselves sometimes contribute to this impression. Strictly speaking, Romania is not more dangerous than the average European country.

    Many of the safety worries focus on Bucharest. Some travellers report feeling nervous there, but usually this seems to be based on some sort of stories that they heard from a guy in a pub about something that had happened to his second cousin's best friend, rather than any actual event.

  • What about Bucharest? Is it safe?

    Bucharest is safe and hospitable. Violent crime against visitors is almost non-existent. As in any large city visitors are advised to take usual safety precautions. Do not draw unnecessary attention to your person, money or jewelry and be aware of pickpockets and scam artists. Never accept taxi/car rides, tours or guide services from strangers, no matter how presentable or fluent in English, who approach you on the street.

  • I hear things about gypsies, dogs and orphans

    These are silly stories. Yes, there are dogs, Romania is full of dogs without owner. Everywhere you are, somewhere there is a dog. Most of them are pretty and friendly.

    We do have gypsies (also called 'tigani') but still, statistically, Romania is safer than most of the European Capitals or U.S. cities. In Romania you will find real people and quality relations as in any other country in Europe, despite some people's efforts to make Romania sound like an unfriendly and hostile country.

  • What is the general attitude toward the Rromani people within Romania?

    Most Romanians do not like the Rromani people. There is a significant amount of racism directed towards the Rromani. The Rromani are generally blamed for any crime or unsavoury situations and occurrences that happen in Romania. These 'gypsies' are a sore point with most Romanians, and as such, it is a topic that is avoided in conversation. Expats may have romanticised views and perceptions of gypsies, but people in Romania prefer not to mention them, and see them as a scourge of society.

  • Is Dracula real?

    Romanians have a long history about “ghosts” who hunt through the viillages, the so-called 'strigoi' or vampires, as they are also named. Vlad “Dracula” was a national hero who fought off the Turks, and was staking their bodies as a warning to them, which was a trick he learned whilst hostage in the Ottoman court as a young man.

  • What family of languages does the Romanian language belong to? Do Romanians speak English?

    The Romanian language retains a number of features from the Latin language, such as noun cases, but it also contains many words taken from the surrounding Slavic languages, and also from French, German, Greek and Turkish.

    English is spoken especially by the younger generation, but everywhere in places such as hotels, pubs, restaurant etc.

  • Traveling with children - Good to know

    Tourists who travel with minors unaccompanied by the both parents must know that it is mandatory to show a power of attorney from the other parent.

    Also, children under 14 years of age must possess a passport or they should appear in the parents passport. Under no circumstances can someone cross the border with birth certificate.

    We disclaim any responsibility for the refusal of border authorities due to lack of such documents.

  • What about the dangers & annoyances that I should be aware of?

    Romania can get a bad rap, but don’t cancel your trip if you hear something on the TV. It’s not that extreme.

    Prominent scams in the country are jacked-up prices for tourists, especially in Bucharest restaurants, taxis that charge extortionate fares (call for a taxi with companies as recommended by your hotel), and a lifted wallet if you’re not careful in public squares or jam-packed buses – like in much of the world.

  • Can I visit Dracula’s castle?

    Yes!!! The Transylvania region, in the centre of the country, was home to Vlad Dracula otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler (a name that gives a better clue to the blood thirsty nature of this historical villain) on whom 19th century novelist Bram Stoker’s fictional character Count Dracula is based.

    Yes you can visit the impaler’s real home, which is Poienari Cidadel in Wallachia but it is now a ruin and difficult to get to by public transport. You could visit Bran Castle, near Brașov

  • Do I need a visa?

    Not if you are a citizen of the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and you plan to stay no more than 90 days either in a single visit, or multiple visits over six months.

    The Romania Tourism guide advises that for stays of longer than 90 days, visitors must apply for a temporary residence permit before arriving, or at least 30 days before the 90 days runs out. It also advises that while Romania is not part of the Schengen agreement some airlines have refused to board passengers with less than three months, beyond their intended departure date, on their passport.

  • What language phrases should I learn?

    Most people speak Romanian, but as there is a sizeable Hungarian population this language is also spoken. However, English is often spoken in large cities and especially by the younger generation. Also in restaurants, hotels and at the tourist attractions, English is spoken quite frequently

    Some useful phrases you can find here. 

  • Is it true you can see bears and wolves in Romania?

    Yes and their populations are due to be on the rise. In some of our tours you may get the possibility to see them, check out the tours and enjoy a unique experience.

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