Getaway Tours

Up to 8 persons

Choose the tour you want, fix your preferred timing and decide who comes with you.

With Getaway Tours you leave everything to us. We already arranged, established these tours for you, all you have to do is to choose the one you like, find your perfect timing and gather your friends and/or family.

Included in the price

  • accommodation at 3 & 4 stars hotel with breakfast and dinner
  • all entrances to the attractions mentioned in the itinerary
  • airport transfer
  • transport throughout the circuit
  • English speaking guides

Price varies depending on number of people, as the group is bigger so the trip will be cheaper and vice versa. Better look now to see which of our Getaway Tours and current promotions and sign up in one of them right now.

We keep it simple

  • Explore Getaway Tours

  • Tell your friends

  • Make the booking


  • Only pay 35 % deposit on booking and the difference at arrival
  • You determine exactly when time allows you to come
  • You may choose your preferred language with our guide*
  • Travel with your dear ones, without having to get immersed in a group of tourists which you don’t know.
  • High flexibility as you can change the date in certain circumstances but subject to our booking condition, you may change traveler names of persons or you can even change to another tour.

* English included in the price. For other languages, additional costs may arise.

You'll not get another mass-tourism trip, but a unique experience which will grab you back to Romania again and again. The basis of our business is the fact that you will recommend us to others.